Managed Cloud Services

Most organizations view the cloud as vital for business continuity and improving efficiency, but cloud planning, implementation, and management is often a major hurdle. The Aptum Cloud Impact Study (2023) found just 39% of companies are fully satisfied with their current rate of cloud implementation and only 33% have completely succeeded at boosting efficiency.


No matter where your company is with your cloud strategy, Infracore is ready to provide the assistance you need. From cloud migration strategy and implementation to designing cloud solutions and ongoing managed cloud services, we provide the support you need to optimize costs, free up resources, and improve workflow and efficiency.


of IT decision-makers report sustainable growth after cloud adoption


(Foundry’s Cloud Computing Survey)

Benefits of Cloud Managed Services for Your Business

As a managed cloud service provider (MCSP), Infracore is ready to help you navigate the complex landscape of cloud computing and enjoy the full benefits of moving to the cloud. We’ll help you free up resources and streamline business processes with an efficient cloud strategy and support managing cloud infrastructure.

Optimize costs & resources

An MCSP helps you develop cloud strategies that alleviate pain points in your organization. Costs are optimized by determining the services and infrastructure most appropriate for your processes and providing the IT support you need. You leverage the technology you need without high infrastructure costs, freeing up staff from maintaining on-premises solutions and responding to IT issues.

Predictable pricing

Cloud computing is a far more predictable cost for your organization than maintaining on-premises infrastructure, and it can be adjusted as your needs change. Managed cloud services comes with a transparent pricing model with the freedom to choose the level of support you need. You get more value and greater support from your IT budget.

Flexibility & scalability

One of the greatest benefits of cloud migration for small- to medium-sized businesses is the flexibility and scalability cloud computing offers. Respond quickly to changes in your industry and customer demand by scaling up or down as needed. Your business will be primed and ready for growth or able to respond to slowdowns without investing in new infrastructure.

Improve collaboration

Cloud computing enhances collaboration and productivity by simplifying the sharing of applications and data. Multiple users can collaborate in real-time and use or edit documents and applications simultaneously to speed decision-making.

Better security & compliance

Cybersecurity is one of the greatest IT challenges businesses face. It can also be one of the most expensive. Cloud IT solutions make it easier and more affordable to achieve secure environments that give you the greatest protection from data breaches, ransomware, endpoint attacks, and more with built-in resiliency and security features. Continuous monitoring, automatic updates, and reporting help you stay in compliance, avoid legal and financial consequences, and streamline audits.

Disaster recovery & support

Cloud migration is the solution to reduce your company’s risk of data loss in a disaster. Data is stored in secure off-site servers and backed up regularly without the cost and risk of managing your own networks or dealing with unexpected issues. Managed cloud services providers can also assist with disaster recovery and mitigation.

Simplified & reliable IT infrastructure

Migrating to the cloud and adopting the right cloud technology gives your organization reliable and streamlined infrastructure that simplifies your business operations. With a solid virtual infrastructure, your organization can compete, manage and analyze data, optimize costs, and stay in control better than ever. Infracore helps with an efficient IT roadmap customized to your organization and managed cloud services that keep everything running smoothly.


of organizations cite overwhelming options and complexity as hurdles when developing a cloud strategy

(Aptum’s Cloud Impact Study)

Our Comprehensive Cloud Management Solutions

Whether you need help improving your cloud strategy, migrating to the cloud, or managing cloud infrastructure, Infracore is the cloud management partner you need. We can set up, manage, and support your cloud services. Our hosted solutions can include email implementation, email filtering and spam protection, desktop virtualization, VoIP, applications, security and backup, and more. Our goal is to help provide you with effective solutions that meet your organization’s needs, save on overall operational costs, and help you fully leverage the benefits of the cloud.

Cloud Strategy

A cloud strategy is critical for achieving your business objectives, managing costs, and maintaining efficiency, security, and reliability. Good cloud strategies help avoid pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities unique to your industry and business model.


Infracore can assist with developing a public, hybrid, or multi cloud strategy framework that helps your business stay on track and leverage the full benefits of the cloud. This crucial strategy can also be used to develop the right cloud migration strategy for your business.

Cloud Migration

Infracore is a cloud migration services provider ready to help you migrate to the cloud no matter where you are in the process. We perform all types of cloud migration including public, multicloud, and hybrid cloud solutions. We can also help you mitigate the cost of cloud migration with a tailored incremental or batch migration plan that minimizes disruption and manages your project as efficiently as possible.


We assist with:


  • AWS Migration
  • Azure Migration
  • Office 365 Migration
  • On Premises to Cloud Migration

Cloud File Sharing

Cloud file sharing allows your team to store, sync, and share work files securely. It expands your ability to collaborate while still maintaining control of file access. Our team has years of experience in assisting companies with platform selection, design, deployment, and ongoing management of file sharing solutions. We will help you choose the most appropriate file sharing system based on key factors such as cost, ease-of-use, management overhead, and overall business objectives. We can support all major file sharing systems such as SharePoint/OneDrive, Google Suite, Box, Egnyte, and more.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Having employees use their own mobile devices can save money, but security measures should be taken. Our recommended solutions allow you to place a layer of security between your company’s network and your staff’s personal devices. Our services include mobile asset inventory, device provisioning, software distribution, data protection and ongoing help desk support. We can recommend and implement solutions for any mobile device type.


Infracore can recommend virtualization software that simplifies your operations without sacrificing the performance or power your team needs. Our goal is to help you save money by decreasing the amount of hardware needed. This allows for the same work to be completed with less operational costs. Our recommended systems also work to improve business continuity with a more reliable backup and recovery implementation.

Business Communications

We implement streamlined business conference and meeting solutions such as Mondopad and VoIP to increase your team’s productivity, eliminate communication barriers and support company growth. These solutions provide the flexibility you need to stay connected from anywhere so your business can seamlessly operate at full capacity, even while fully remote.

Patient & Knowledgeable

“We weren’t aware of the full capabilities that Microsoft 365 could offer our business. Infracore was able to pinpoint the features that would help meet our unique needs, then train our team members so that they could independently make use of those capabilities on a daily basis. The Infracore team was patient, knowledgeable and made us feel like we were way more than just another client.”
– Packaging & Containers Client

Our Cloud Service Provider Partners:


Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud

Managed Cloud Services That Seamlessly Integrate With Your Existing IT Efforts

At Infracore, we take a collaborative approach to managed IT services and work closely with your organization to foster a deep understanding of your business and help you meet your objectives. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate the IT support you need with your existing efforts to help you do more and spend fewer resources and time on security, network issues, infrastructure, and data management.


Whether you need additional expertise and support or a dedicated IT department, Infracore is ready to be the long-term partner you need to get more from your IT.

Our Managed Services Team provides a dedicated, fully managed hybrid/remote/onsite IT department for your business. Your MST is comprised of highly skilled and trained specialists who serve as your dedicated IT department, make recommendations, and implement effective IT strategies.


Our MST service is tailored to the unique needs of your business with the goal of establishing a long-term relationship, solving pre-existing IT issues, and developing new ways to improve your IT infrastructure.

Our Enterprise Services Team provides project-based IT support in San Diego to meet the growing needs of your business. Your EST is comprised of subject-matter experts who provide on-demand technical support and project deployment, whether you need single-day services or you have a complex project that requires long-term collaboration.


Our EST service can be performed remotely or onsite in San Diego. An EST team is the perfect solution for additional IT support to complement your internal department.

Achieve more with your IT.