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Secure, Efficient & Scalable IT for Financial Services

Staying ahead in the financial sector isn’t easy. The financial services industry is one of the most heavily regulated and the regulatory landscape is constantly shifting. Organizations in the financial sector must also be prepared for security threats; financial firms are 300% more likely to be targeted by a cyber attack than other organizations and have one of the highest average costs of a breach.


Infracore is here to help you invest in modern infrastructure that delivers security, efficiency, and real-time reporting. With our help, you will spend less time and fewer resources on IT and make it the asset it should be.

We Understand Financial Services

Some of Infracore’s first clients were fintech companies over twenty years ago. We understand how financial services organizations operate and the challenges of the industry including keeping up with regulations, maintaining a secure environment, managing big data, and incorporating new technology in data analytics, risk management, and automation. We are well-versed in compliance and the unique environment you need to maintain a competitive edge.

Invest in Modern IT Solutions for Financial Services

Your organization depends on strong risk management, efficient operations, and minimal downtime. To stay competitive, respond quickly to opportunities and shifts in the market, and protect your sensitive data, you need responsive financial IT solutions and insightful analytics. Infracore helps you improve business processes and reduce risk with robust financial services solutions.

How the Financial Services Industry Leverages Cloud Technology

Why Infracore?

We take security, efficiency, and innovation as seriously as you do. For more than 20 years, Infracore has provided best-in-class managed IT and IT support for financial services firms. We develop long-term relationships with a deep commitment to helping you compete and grow your business through strategic planning and ongoing support.

Our Financial IT Services

Your organization relies on technology at every stage from communications, analytics, and collaboration to security, financial transactions, and compliance. Disruptions, shutdowns, and cyber attacks don’t just bring your operations to a standstill – they threaten the future of your organization.

Your business is only as good as the IT systems supporting you. That’s where Infracore comes in. We design, implement, and manage the right financial services solutions that keep your organization running smoothly.
Infracore helps you keep your organization safe from outside and inside threats including system outages, data breaches, and ransomware. We conduct network security and cybersecurity audits to identify vulnerabilities then identify and implement the best solutions to strengthen your security. We also assist with employee security training.
Our financial services IT consulting service can help you get a better understanding of your existing infrastructure. We can provide project-based financial services consulting or develop an IT roadmap to modernize your IT systems, optimize costs, and ensure your technology is supporting your goals.
Free up your valuable time and resources with managed cloud services. Infracore can help with cloud migration, cloud configuration, optimization, security, and cloud maintenance. Our goal is implementing cloud environments that are scalable, reliable, and secure – the perfect foundation to support your operations.
You rely on your infrastructure for seamless communication, workflows, security, data analytics, and more. We help you get the most benefit from your technology. After identifying pain points, redundancies, and areas of improvement, we make suggestions to optimize your IT systems, reduce costs, and simplify operations.
One of the most complicated areas of IT for financial services firms is ensuring compliance within an ever-changing landscape of overlapping oversight. We help you manage regulatory requirements and ensure your IT systems comply with the highest standards for the financial industry.
Our IT service desk support keeps your organization running smoothly without burdening your internal team with IT issues. Infracore provides end-user support to quickly resolve issues you encounter while also identifying improvements and solving recurring issues.

Is Your Organization’s Data Protected?

Customer trust is paramount in the banking, finance, and insurance world. A data breach can erode this trust and wreak havoc on your organization.

The financial sector is a target for cyber attacks

Rapid digitalization, the rise of remote working, and increasing cloud adoption have created the perfect storm to make financial services organizations at great risk of cyber attacks. Adopting effective IT security protocols and meeting regulatory requirements is difficult enough, but the human factor adds additional challenges. Almost half of security incidents in the financial industry happen when employees do not follow company policies. This is especially true with mid-sized financial organizations.

The cost of a breach continues to climb

The average cost of a data breach in the financial industry reached $5.97 million in 2022 according to a 12-month IBM Security study, the second highest among all industries. Data breaches can result in the loss of anywhere from 2,000 to more than 100,000 records. The average cost of a breach was $164 per breached record but $210 per record for the financial industry which often faces exposure of sensitive customer data and financial records in a breach.

A data breach can have widespread and lasting implications

The cost of a breach includes not only disruption and revenue losses but also detection and escalation activities to detect and assess a breach, notification costs, and the cost of remediation. Many of these costs are not realized for more than a year. While many organizations lose customers after a serious breach, this loss may be more significant for financial services organizations that depend on trust to retain customers.

Threats come from many directions

45% of breaches in the IBM study were cloud data breaches. Cloud misconfigurations or human error are the leading cause of data breaches. Your organization may also face risks from internal threats and external threat actors.

Our MSP finance specialists will work with you to develop a robust IT system that keeps your business running smoothly with best-in-class cybersecurity.

Modernize Your Infrastructure with Infracore

Collaborative Financial Services IT Support

Technology should be an asset that simplifies operations and helps you innovate and compete. If it feels more like just another challenge your business is facing, Infracore can help.

Whether you are interested in optimizing your infrastructure, strengthening your security, launching a new IT project, or benefiting from an on-demand IT team to free up resources, we have a solution that’s the right fit.

Infracore will put decades of experience and regulatory knowledge to work to deliver financial services IT solutions that make an impact. Get in touch with our team today to discuss how we can help your organization get the most benefit from modern IT solutions.

Achieve more with your IT.