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Infracore Delivers the Modern, Scalable Biotech IT Solutions You Need

Your IT systems are critical to every aspect of your business. At Infracore, we understand that life sciences organizations count on their IT infrastructure to not only manage daily administrative and operational tasks but also support collaboration and innovation while creating and protecting intellectual property and sensitive data.

We Understand Biotech & Life Sciences

Infracore equips your company with modern, efficient strategies designed to protect data, meet compliance requirements, simplify workflows, and support innovation.
We have deep experience in the specific needs of the life sciences industry, with trusted clients such as Pfizer and Takeda/Shire.

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Investing in Biotech IT Solutions Grows Your Business

IT is essential to every aspect of work in the life sciences industry, but outdated IT infrastructure and inadequate planning can hold you back. The right IT solutions paired with a knowledgeable team allow you to leverage the latest technology to spend more time on research, collaboration, and innovation and less time on security issues, system outages, and other IT challenges.


Investing in the right biotech solutions allows your organization to:

Support Collaboration

Cloud technology enables your teams to securely collaborate, analyze, and exchange data in real-time to accelerate innovation and meet deadlines. From document collaboration that supports redactions and data management platforms to EQMS for cross-functional collaboration and communication, we’ll help you develop an efficient infrastructure plan that simplifies workflows.

Strengthen Security

Managing and securing data is an ever-changing challenge that all biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies face. We take a proactive approach to strengthening your defenses. After thorough assessment of your existing environments and risks, we develop and execute a multi-layered biotech cybersecurity strategy to keep sensitive and intellectual data safe without hampering collaboration and innovation.


of pharmaceutical organizations had at least one database exposed in a 2021 analysis. The average cost of a breach is $5.3 million for the pharmaceutical industry.

-Reposify Study

Meet & Exceed Compliance

Compliance standards in the life sciences industry aren’t just challenging and time-consuming; they are ever-changing. To stay on top of regulations and manage global operations, Infracore helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies automate compliance processes with active monitoring systems, enable compliant security solutions to protect data, remain audit-ready with real-time data, and quickly generate reports.

Increase Supply Chain Visibility

Biotech companies must manage complex supply chains and face significant risks from disruptions and a lack of supply chain visibility. Infracore helps you maintain visibility of crucial supply chain data, dependencies, and materials to develop strong contingency plans, decrease disruptions and bottlenecks, and ensure you are working with the right suppliers.

Optimize Costs

Cloud computing reduces capital investments and operating costs while freeing up IT resources to focus on innovation. Cost savings extend even further for life sciences organizations with flexible, scalable environments; fewer compliance and security issues; real-time reporting; and more robust data analytics, collaboration, and resilience. The growth in artificial intelligence and machine learning helps drive innovation even faster, eliminating labor-intensive tasks.

How the Life Sciences Industry
Leverages the Cloud

  • Clinical trials
  • Research
  • Development
  • Data management, analysis & sharing
  • Supply chain management
  • Marketing, sales & commercial distribution
  • Compliance management & monitoring
  • Modeling & simulation

Why Infracore?

Infracore provides best-in-class IT support and managed IT services based on our core values of trust, integrity, and commitment. We have 20+ years of experience serving biotech, pharmaceutical, and other life sciences organizations with proactive, efficient strategies that help you keep doing what you do best.
We bring together the right talent, technologies, and partners to fuel innovation in the life sciences.
Whether you are a biotech startup or modernizing your infrastructure, Infracore is the IT partner you need to ensure your organization is primed for the future and best able to compete and innovate.

Our Biotech & Life Sciences IT Solutions

With so much of your operations reliant on technology, communication, and coordination, you can only be as good as your infrastructure and support systems allow.


Infracore provides robust managed IT and IT support for pharmaceutical, biotech, and life sciences companies. We help you stay competitive, automate compliance, reduce risk, and speed innovation and time-to-market.


When you are faced with tight budgets, complex regulations, and short deadlines, we help you achieve more and go further – faster and easier.

Cloud Computing

We help you leverage cloud-based IT solutions to simplify data management, streamline operations, provide remote oversight, automate repetitive tasks, and safeguard sensitive data and intellectual property. Properly executed hybrid cloud infrastructure helps your organization innovate faster, keep up with rapid technology changes, and scale your IT systems as your business grows.


Pharmaceuticals, biotech, and life sciences industries face strict regulations that are constantly changing in response to emerging markets, globalization, and new technology. We take a proactive approach to regulations and compliance by delivering compliant and scalable infrastructure solutions for your industry.


Your organization generations vast amounts of data, but this data is only as good as your ability to quickly analyze it for insights. The right IT solutions can break down data silos, optimize investments, streamline collaboration, and identify manufacturing and supply chain bottlenecks. Infracore helps you integrate life sciences IT solutions to make sense of your growing volume of data with real-time data insights, AI analytics, and more.


Risk mitigation, ongoing monitoring, secure infrastructure, and data backup and recovery have never been more important. Ransomware, system outages, data breaches, and internal security risks can be devastating to any organization, but they are particularly risky to life sciences companies that also face stiff financial penalties and the loss of intellectual property. Infracore helps you implement robust and modern security and business continuity measures and provides cybersecurity and network security audits.

Consulting & IT Strategy

Whether you’re a life sciences start-up or you are ready to modernize and streamline legacy infrastructure, Infracore can help with tailored life sciences IT solutions. We provide life science consulting to help you assess your existing infrastructure, security, and workflows and then develop a modern IT strategy that helps you leverage solutions that support your organization’s goals, meet industry regulations, and optimize costs.

Modern Life Sciences IT Solutions to
Revolutionize Your Business

Your organization faces enough challenges – technology should not be one of them. Infracore will help you develop an IT strategy and build a secure, scalable infrastructure that supports greater productivity and innovation so you can compete and grow like never before.


By adopting appropriate technology, biotech companies can increase their efficiency, collaborate more effectively with peers, and ensure regulatory compliance without disrupting their workflow. The right biotech IT solutions can provide real-time and secure collaboration between teams, optimize workflow, automate regulatory compliance, and keep up-to-date with legislative changes. This enables companies to focus on their core competencies, such as researching, discovering, and developing products that heal, feed, and fuel the world.


We work closely with pharmaceutical, biotech, and other life science companies to give you the support and solutions you need. We can provide a dedicated remote or in-house department or complement existing efforts with managed IT and project-based IT services. As a trusted provider of technical expertise to local biotech companies since 2003, we understand the importance of combining the right team and technology to achieve optimal results. Learn more about our approach to implementing effective biotech IT solutions and get started today with the solutions you need.

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