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Infracore builds secured collaboration platform for cutting-edge biotech company

A biotech research client - pioneering a gene editing approach to finding root causes of genetic disorder - required a reliable method of sharing data with strategic partners, while keeping data protected from exfiltration.

The biotech industry relies heavily on research and development, and biotech firms need to have a secure and reliable system for sharing data between departments and with external partners. The client had a limited Egnyte version in place, but was specifically interested in sharing secured data with employees and external partners globally.

Infracore met the challenge by hardening their Microsoft 365 environment to industry standard and architecting secure SharePoint and Teams portals for global collaboration.

Business Needs and Challenges:

  • Ensure data is secure and only accessible by authorized personnel
  • Permit sharing of data with authorized external partners while maintaining control over information access
  • Design a solution that is intuitive and does not require extensive end-user training



Infracore proposed a solution that involved the implementation of SharePoint and Teams for external sharing of data. The solution consisted of the following steps:

  • Audit the client’s Microsoft 365 tenant security configuration
  • Design and implementation of custom SharePoint sites for the client
  • Configuration of SharePoint permissions and access controls
  • Integration of Teams with SharePoint to allow for easy collaboration and sharing of data
  • Migration of existing data to the new SharePoint site
  • Development of external sharing policies and processes
  • Training of the client's employees on how to use SharePoint and Teams for data sharing

The tenant security audit revealed numerous baseline controls that needed to be adjusted to meet best practices. SharePoint was then configured to meet the client's specific data sharing requirements, and utilized the creation of limited guest accounts in the client’s Microsoft 365 tenant. Sensitivity labels were then applied to documents and other data, based on their security context.

SharePoint permissions and access controls were configured to ensure that only authorized personnel had access to sensitive data, and that sensitive data could not be shared for purposes beyond those authorized by the sensitivity labels.

The migration of existing data from Egnyte to SharePoint site was seamless, with no loss of data or functionality. Infracore ensured that all data was migrated securely and that the client's existing processes and workflows were not disrupted.

End Results:

Infracore was able to successfully help the client improve their collaboration systems using SharePoint and Teams. The solution provided by Infracore was tailored to meet the client's specific needs and requirements, while also ensuring that the system was secure and easy to use. This ultimately helped the client improve their research and development efforts. The client was extremely satisfied with the solution provided by Infracore, and they continue to rely on us for their IT needs.





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