We take a holistic approach to security. By working to understand your business, your regulatory requirements and your risk tolerance, we develop pragmatic and enterprise-based security plans that leverage proven technologies.


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of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.


Security Services


Businesses from all industries face the risk of data breaches, reputation damage and financial loss due to the increase of cybercrime. The lack of focus on cybersecurity can leave systems, networks and critical business data vulnerable. Most in-house IT teams are overwhelmed and/or lack the expertise or resources to identify the gaps, develop a comprehensive plan and fully implement the needed improvements.


We believe the best approach to preventing data breaches and system outages due to cyberattacks such as phishing, ransomware and wire fraud is to take a systematic approach. This starts with reviewing current security policies, performing security audits and analyzing systems. We then develop a security improvement road map, implement new security measures and perform all the necessary steps to harden your security posture.


If your systems have already been breached, our security engineers will perform a deep-dive forensic analysis, secure the network, ensure there are no persistent threats or vulnerabilities, develop a remediation road map and perform the IT work needed to prevent future attacks. 


We take pride in being technology agnostic. We don’t sell hardware or software, so our recommendations are based on the unique needs of your business.


Network Security

There are multiple factors that can impact a business’s network security, including network breaches and outages due to single-point-of-failure hardware or software. This can cause a wide range of issues, from network slowness and loss of productivity to leaving businesses completely vulnerable to outside threats.


We assess your current network security status to help you understand your gaps and define the most effective approach for addressing your gaps. Our network security services deliver expert network design and build, complete maintenance and management of systems, 24-hour network monitoring, Unified Threat Management (UTM) and rapid remediation.


We take the time to get to know your business needs to ensure an optimal balance of security and fiscal responsibility. We stay current on new threats and technologies to ensure our clients are implementing the most proactive network security measures.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Hackers can easily penetrate your online systems with simple phishing and credential stuffing. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps to prevent most cyber threats by making it much more difficult for these hackers to penetrate your systems using common authentication methods.


We have successfully deployed enterprise-grade MFA solutions for all our clients. Our security specialists take a friendly but assertive approach to ensure complete implementation of MFA while reducing business disruptions during the deployment process.

Microsoft 365 Security Audits Using CIS Benchmark

Most internal IT teams are not aware of the ever-changing security controls within Microsoft 365. Many of these controls are set to insecure settings by default.


We have many years of experience managing Microsoft 365 environments for mid-sized, technology-intensive organizations. We offer M365 audits as a service to help ensure your Microsoft 365 environment is audited on a timeline consistent with your compliance plan.


We offer a comprehensive audit of the Microsoft 365 security controls based on internationally-recognized security standards. Our team will complete the audit using the most current guidance from Microsoft. This audit compares your current settings to best practices, providing a pass/fail for each control.

User Education & Training

End-user security training is critical. The risks associated with the lack of effective security training are far greater than most businesses realize. Our security specialists provide recommendations for implementing company-wide security training to ensure your employees and your business data are secure.


Fast-Acting Expertise

“We needed a resolution to an unexpected problem quickly and permanently – we didn’t have the luxury of settling for a temporary fix. Infracore’s technical experts were able to solve the problem without any delay. We are grateful for their fast-acting expertise.”

- Medical Devices Client

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