Business Continuity

From disasters to network disruptions, we ensure you’re prepared for any unexpected mishaps and system failures to limit costly business interruptions.

Only 54%

of organizations have a company-wide disaster recovery plan in place.

(Security Magazine)

Business Continuity Services

Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly (DWMQ) Tasks

All IT systems must be routinely checked in order to prevent unexpected mishaps, system failures and business interruptions. We refer to this as the DWMQs: the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly tasks / checks that must be completed to ensure the greatest possible uptime.


Many businesses are in need of awareness, expertise, capacity or leadership to ensure all their systems are checked proactively on a regular basis. They don’t have the resources needed to perform preventative maintenance or the means to hold their team members accountable for validating DWMQs. This can lead to preventable outages.


We take preventative IT maintenance very seriously. Our goal is to help you understand your systems, explain why these checks are needed and reveal the cost of system failures if they are left unchecked. We then work with you to develop pragmatic plans to ensure every system is checked at the appropriate interval. Each check is assigned to a responsible team member and validated by a supervisor to ensure they are completed in a thorough and timely manner.


State of Backups Assessment (SOBA) / Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our team provides State of Backups Assessment (SOBA) annually or bi-annually to formally review the data backup posture for each of our clients. During this process, we focus on four main areas:

  1. Ensure we have a comprehensive list of all data and systems under management
  2. Align expectations with our executive sponsor in how far back and how quickly data can be recovered
  3. Ensure our data recovery process is documented, tested and validated by a client team member
  4. Identify any gaps in the above and present recommendations to our executive sponsor before an issue arises

Generally, most companies fail to build, test and maintain a thoughtful backup and disaster recovery solution. Data that is easy to access is at high risk. Hard drives and other media-based backup systems are fragile and known to fail. If your systems fail or you’re attacked by hackers with ransomware, critical business data can be lost forever. This can cause substantial loss of productivity, money, or even your entire business.


We understand the crucial importance in developing and maintaining a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution. We build thoughtful, technology agnostic and customizable data recovery solutions that are reliable, scalable and cost-effective. We work to design, deploy, manage and routinely test backups to ensure recoverability. Our comprehensive systems are designed to trigger a remote copy process to move data to a secure cloud-based storage environment, which will reduce the level of risk by storing data away from its primary location. If disaster strikes, your data can be securely restored to any internet connected environment.


Centers for Internet Security (CIS) Audits

Most internal IT teams are not aware of the ever-changing security controls within Microsoft 365. Many of these controls are set to insecure settings by default.


We have many years of experience managing Microsoft 365 environments for mid-sized, technology-intensive organizations. We offer CIS audits as a service to help ensure your Microsoft 365 environment is audited on a timeline consistent with your compliance plan.


The Centers for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmark Audit is a comprehensive audit of the Microsoft 365 security controls based on best open-source security practices. Our team will complete a comprehensive audit of M365 security controls using the most current guidance from Microsoft and CIS. This audit compares your current settings to best practices as identified by CIS, providing a pass/fail for each control.


Patch Management

Most internal IT teams lack thorough, well-documented processes for patch management. This can lead to patches not being installed in a timely fashion, resulting in security vulnerabilities and/or system instability. You may also find that if your IT teams deploy patches without proper testing, it can bring about unintended consequences such as outages caused by system/patch incompatibility.


Our expert team leverages industry best practices and our years of experience in IT management to provide a reliable, proven patch management service. Our approach includes the testing of patches prior to installation on critical production systems, timely and thorough installation of software, firmware, operating system updates and security patches. We also ensure appropriate backup systems are in place in case unforeseen problems arise.


Vendor Management

We don’t sell hardware or software, so our vendor recommendations are based solely on your unique business needs. Infracore vendor management services are part of our flat-rate Managed Services agreement. We trust the vendors we recommend to provide top-notch products and services – whether you’re in the market for cabling, database programming, website design, or other products and services. We speak the technical language necessary to ensure the right solutions are implemented and our team manages each project through to completion as the central point of contact.


IT Steering Committee Leadership

You don’t like surprises and neither do we. Big IT decisions require clear, actionable guidance to produce the best possible outcome. We provide our executive sponsors and key IT stakeholders with a cost vs. risk breakdown. This helps align all IT decisions with your strategic business objectives. It also reduces costs by ensuring that any IT investments are both appropriate for the current size of your business while also being scalable for your future growth.


Our clients consider us to be their most trusted advisors because we are honest, collaborative, knowledgeable and provide expert guidance.

Thorough & Responsive

“Infracore took special care when checking our systems to ensure we were prepared for the unexpected. Their team was thorough, responsive and took the time to make sure we understood the plan they designed for us.

- Property Management Client

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