Cloud Management

We take care of your technology infrastructure needs at your office, at a data center or in the cloud.


of Enterprise IT Will Move To The Cloud By 2025

(Predicted by Forbes)

Cloud Management Offerings

Cloud IT Solutions

We can set up, manage and support your cloud services. Our hosted solutions can include email implementation, email filtering and spam protection, desktop virtualization, VoIP, applications, security and backup and more. Our goal is to help provide you with effective solutions that meet your business’s needs and help you save on overall operational costs.


Office/Microsoft 365

For small and midsize businesses, the Microsoft Office 365 Productivity Suite is a staple in your software toolbox. It offers per-user monthly billing rather than the traditional per-machine rate, significantly reducing costs and increasing your ROI. The suite offers quicker load times, low upfront costs, dependable servers and the ability to add services and users as needed. Programs can also be accessed from anywhere, on any device and work is automatically saved. Your team can collaborate in real-time with the suite’s cloud-based productivity feature. It also supports seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Teams. Our team will help you implement the Microsoft Office 365 Productivity Suite and ensure your business is able to unlock its full potential.


Cloud File Sharing

Cloud file sharing allows your team to store, sync and share work files securely. It expands your ability to collaborate while still maintaining control of file access. Our team has years of experience in assisting companies with platform selection, design, deployment and ongoing management of file sharing solutions. 


We help our clients select the most appropriate file sharing system based on key factors such as cost, ease-of-use, management overhead and overall business objectives. We can support all major file sharing systems such as SharePoint/OneDrive, Google Suite, Box, Egnyte and more.


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Distributing company-owned devices to your team members can be risky and expensive. It’s now more common than not that your employees carry around their own mobile devices. For small and mid-sized businesses looking to compete with larger companies, your company can save money while widening your perimeters of business computing by incorporating a BYOD (bring your own device) policy.


Our recommended solutions allow you to place a layer of security between your company's network and your staff's personal devices. Our services include mobile asset inventory, device provisioning, software distribution, data protection and ongoing help desk support. We can recommend and implement solutions for any mobile device type.



Virtualized desktops and applications allow your team to access work desktops securely from any location. We look to recommend virtualization software that will simplify your operations without sacrificing the power or performance your team needs. Our goal is to help you save money by decreasing the amount of hardware needed. This allows for the same work to be completed with less operational costs. Our recommended systems also work to improve business continuity with a more reliable backup and recovery implementation.


Business Communications

We offer the implementation of streamlined business conference and meeting solutions such as Mondopad and VoIP to increase your team’s productivity, eliminate communication barriers and support company growth. These solutions provide the flexibility you need to stay connected from anywhere, so your business can seamlessly operate at full capacity, even while fully remote.


Patient & Knowledgeable

“We weren’t aware of the full capabilities that Microsoft 365 could offer our business. Infracore was able to pinpoint the features that would help meet our unique needs, then train our team members so that they could independently make use of those capabilities on a daily basis. The Infracore team was patient, knowledgeable and made us feel like we were way more than just another client.”

- Packaging & Containers Client

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