Managed Services Team

A dedicated & fully managed onsite/hybrid/remote IT Department to handle all aspects of IT with the appropriate levels of expertise and capacity.

Our Managed Services Team (MST) supports medium-sized organizations that have overwhelmed IT staff or don’t have the appropriate level of expertise. We are more than just a collaborative group of IT experts; we act as both your dedicated IT department and business advisors, implementing effective strategies that focus on security, stability and scalability. There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to the services our MST offers. Each team’s approach is unique to the needs of your business. We establish an ongoing relationship both with your company and your IT – cleaning up, adjusting, improving and solving all pre-existing IT issues while discovering new and proactive ways to scale your business.


Each MST is made up of highly trained individuals who are fully managed to operate autonomously. We are meticulous about sourcing, interviewing and retaining qualified IT professionals who can successfully apply the necessary technical skills, take ownership as leaders and emulate our values as a company.



Cost Structure

Our Managed Services cater to your company’s unique needs. We offer a monthly fixed fee structure based on the level of expertise and number of resources your organization needs to achieve your full potential.

Client Success

Home Testimonial 1
Global Biotech Firm

This firm of 350 employees had previous global IT support in place, but they were unable to obtain the high level of local support needed to scale their business. The firm did not want to take on the heavy burden of managing IT themselves, so they instead looked to outsource their IT needs to an experienced and professional team. The firm chose to hire Infracore’s Managed Services Team. The team is made up of a dedicated IT Manager, SysAdmin and two Desktop Support engineers with oversight provided by a VP of Technology Operations.

“We have trusted Infracore as our firm’s dedicated IT department for over a decade. Their team collaborates seamlessly with our own – they’re trustworthy, transparent and never leave us in the dark. The impact that they’ve brought to our company extends far past the IT support they offer. We are grateful for their high level of expert IT support and commitment to our company’s future success!”

- Global BioTech Firm

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