Boston Managed IT Services

Managed IT that's best-in-class, specifically for the Boston area and surrounding cities

In Boston (and in Biotech-friendly surrounding areas such as Cambridge and Newton), Infracore provides best-in-class managed IT services, dedicated to providing Boston-based businesses with the necessary expertise and support. Our range of offerings includes developing IT strategies, conducting cybersecurity audits, facilitating cloud migration services, and delivering ongoing IT management and service desk solutions. By seamlessly integrating with your existing IT initiatives and addressing any gaps, we ensure comprehensive support for your business.

Why Infracore?

We Provide Biotech-Focused IT Services to Boston-based Organizations, Drawing on Years of Satisfaction from other Life Sciences Companies

Infracore’s sole focus is to deliver best-in-class MSP services, unlocking the potential of Life Sciences companies in Boston. We specialize in project-based and managed IT services in Boston for mid-sized, Life Sciences companies. With Infracore, you are gaining a partner you can depend on for strategic, reliable, and scalable IT solutions that support your current and future business objectives.

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Honest and Unbiased

We don’t sell software or hardware. Any recommendation we make is based on the unique needs of your business, since – like most other firms – we don’t profit from your hardware/software purchases. We only recommend products we believe are the best to support your company’s growth and objectives,

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We're Proactive

From enterprise-level managed IT services to project-based services, Infracore approaches everything for the long-term benefit of your organization. We work to streamline workflows, identify IT issues, design custom IT plans, and develop efficient environments, ready to grow and adapt with your needs.

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Experience Counts

Founded in 2003, we provide best-in-class IT support services based on our core values of integrity, commitment, and trust. We have spent 20 years establishing an unmatched reputation and fostering long-term relationships with business nationedwide, including in Boston.

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Scalable infrastructure helps your organization optimize your growth and budget. We’re focused on developing systems that meet your current needs, and can also be scaled to support your growth, capabilities and technology.

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We take a people-focused approach to IT managed services in Boston. We collaborate to understand your systems and objectives before we work to suggest and make improvements .

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Here to Help

Infracore steps in to give you the IT support services, expertise, and recommendations that are best for your specific business. We work side-by-side as an extended or in-house IT team to complement your existing IT efforts and help you overcome hurdles.

Comprehensive Boston Managed
IT Services & IT Support

With years of experience providing Boston with managed services to mid-sized businesses, we’ve gained experience in the software, fintech, financial services, biotech, renewables, and property management industries. Projects have included cloud migration, enterprise-level managed IT, ongoing IT support and much more in Boston, and we’re ready to put our expertise to work for you.

IT Strategy Consulting

As IT consultants in Boston, we help you unlock the full potential of technology to optimize IT costs, improve business continuity, boost efficiency, and reduce risk. Our IT strategy consulting can help you assess your IT needs, identify issues, determine the best solutions, and use IT as effectively as possible.

IT Roadmap

An IT strategy is crucial for long-term efficiency, cost savings, and security. Without a strong plan in place, your business risks security vulnerabilities, overspending, and outdated technology with patchwork infrastructure and decisions made in response to problems rather than by design. Infracore offers IT planning services in Boston to help you develop an effective IT strategy and roadmap that helps your business achieve its goals.

The benefits of the cloud are myriad, but so are the pitfalls. According to the Aptum Cloud Impact Study, many companies fail to achieve their objectives when migrating to the cloud. Infracore specializes in managed cloud services in San Diego with the expertise necessary to step in and assist, no matter where you are with your cloud strategy.

We can help you develop a scalable, flexible, secure, and reliable cloud strategy that helps your business leverage the full benefits of cloud computing. With a strategy in place, we can design and implement cloud solutions that work best for your business and assist with seamless cloud migration.

Ransomware, wire fraud, data breaches, phishing, system outages, and even internal security risks are a threat to businesses of all sizes. Infracore is a trusted Boston cybersecurity services provider ready to help you develop an effective security plan that uses proven technologies. 

After reviewing your security policies and systems and conducting a full cybersecurity and network security audit, we develop a security roadmap and implement security measures. We can also assist after a breach with a remediation plan and security improvements.


Is your existing IT infrastructure capital-intensive or holding you back? Your IT infrastructure should foster a positive experience for employees and customers while keeping your business secure and running smoothly. Infracore can help with recommendations and implementing infrastructure that streamlines workflows, optimizes costs, and remains scalable to reduce pain points in the future.
Infracore can help you develop an efficient business continuity plan to avoid costly interruptions and data loss. From impartial vendor recommendations and routine IT maintenance to patch management, CIS audits, and backup and disaster assessments, we help your business plan for the future and avoid outages.
Compliance is a stumbling block for companies of all sizes. Legacy systems, multiple complex compliance obligations, and migrating to the cloud all present unique challenges. Infracore helps you comply with the regulations and specifications of your industry and streamline the audit process with risk analysis, improvement planning, remediation support, and more.
Our IT service desk solution ensures IT issues are resolved efficiently without overwhelming your internal support team. Infracore provides end-user support with a proactive approach – we work to permanently resolve recurring or multi-user issues and identify improvements that increase efficiency.

The Infracore Approach

How We Seamlessly Complement Your IT Efforts

Our specialists take a collaborative approach and work closely with you to meet your objectives. Whether you need additional support and expertise to complement your existing IT efforts or a dedicated in-house or remote department, Infracore will seamlessly integrate with your business and help you grow.

Get Started with the Best Managed Service Provider in Boston to Achieve Your Potential

Our world-class team of IT specialists is ready to work with you and help your business. If you’re ready to overcome the pain points that are holding you back, get in touch with us today to discuss how our Boston managed IT services can work seamlessly with your business.