Enterprise Services Team (EST)

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Cutting-edge technology work for complex problem solvers

Our Enterprise Services Team is made up of subject-matter experts and project-based engineers who have a passion for tackling cutting edge technologies and challenges. EST projects allow each individual to work across a variety of industries, integrating and assimilating enterprise-grade technologies along the way. For each project, we leverage the existing investment and infrastructure to determine the appropriate upgrades to architect and implement – all in support of the ongoing stability and scalability of the business.


As a member of the EST, you will provide technical support for multiple clients at a time, determined by a Statement of Work or a Time and Materials basis. Our EST support levels vary from simple one-day projects at an individual level to complex multi-year projects that require collaboration with multiple EST members.


Employee Growth Path

We closely monitor, manage and chart each team member’s growth path. Via pre-audit assessments throughout the year and annual reviews, we continuously optimize every team member’s skill set and training for the achievement of their career goals. In part, we achieve this optimization through our Certification Program initiative, which helps us develop our employees, meet the rising needs of our clients and provide best-in-class service. This enables you to progress in your journey at Infracore by ensuring you have the proper education and training to be successful in your unique position. By fostering growth in our IT professionals and continuously helping them move up the value chain, we’re helping develop thoughtful, highly effective technology leaders who look out for our client’s best interests, maximize efficiency and produce great value.

Career Opportunities

Do you prefer being hands on, with early access to the newest technologies? Do you have a knack for solving the most complex technology problems? We welcome you to explore our open positions below.

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The Right Tools & Support

“I’ve been encouraged to create my own opportunities. Throughout my EST experience, I’ve found that every technical leader is given the space, time and the tools needed to craft a better future for their team and peers. I’ve built some valuable custom solutions – all because I was given the freedom to explore ways we can improve our clients’ processes. Senior management has also entrusted me to lead a small development group to maintain some of these solutions.”

- Ivan Stracener, Enterprise Solutions Engineer

Work alongside the best in IT.